OHMCID Board Members committed to the cause

Chris profile pic 2.jpg

Chris Tisdall

Chairperson (Director)

The 'Big Chief' keeping it all together

Contact him on: chair@ohmcid.co.za

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Greg Zuccarini

Treasurer, Vice Chairperson (Secretary/Public Officer)

The 'Finance Guardian' keeping the moola accounted for

Contact him on: treasurer@ohmcid.co.za

Dylan Joseph

Public Safety & Security (Director)

The 'Alpha Guard' on duty, helping us all rest easy

Contact him on: security@ohmcid.co.za

Shaun Marais

Communications (Director)

Keeping you in the loop & 'out of the dark'

Contact him on: comms@ohmcid.co.za

Gill Siebert

Social Responsibility (Director)

Doing the 'right' thing by all in our diverse community

Contact her on: social@ohmcid.co.za

Gwen Gower

Environmental, Cleansing & Urban Management

Making our hood pretty & doing 'right' by nature

Contact her on: environment@ohmcid.co.za

Bradley Brown

Alternate Public Safety & Security

Backing up the 'Alpha Guard' 

Contact him on: bradley@ohmcid.co.za