Security gets a serious BOOST!

Bradley Brown, from our security portfolio, recently oversaw the installation of a new Hikvision NVR (Network Video Recorder) for our CID/SRA (OHMCID). The work was executed by Fred Nebe, Digital Safeguard, who has long been involved with security in our area. Fred knows our system well & his price was economical as well!

This has added much needed stability to our camera network, specifically with analytics, such as the detection of movement of people during selected times. Analytics enhances camera surveillance systems by continuously & tirelessly performing the tasks of real-time event detection, post-event analysis & extraction of statistical data while saving manpower costs & increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system operation.

The new NVR also allows for the future expansion of the OHMCID CCTV network. As our cameras are an integral part of our security plan there are several upgrades and additions planned in the pipeline, making this the first step in that direction. The board is finally getting to grips with all the 'red tape' & getting our money to start working for us.

Thanks again to Brad & Fred for making this happen & helping to keep us safe & secure - you guys ROCK !

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