Aug to Oct 2020 News Summary

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Dear property owners, residents & stakeholders

Hughenden Estate

Aerial of Dontse Yakhe & ERF 2286 UNESCO world heritage site- now a toilet.

The situation in Hughenden goes from bad to worse! The CoCT simply does not stick to any of their promises. In their latest move, they have built a concrete road opening/joining the top of Hughenden to Dontse Yakhe. Shaun Marais, the communications portfolio head of OHMCID & resident in Hughenden, spearheads the charge & is assisted by several others in trying to get the CoCT to do the right thing & complete the safety pathway initiative properly & as agreed. This amongst many other requests, including the dire health hazards caused by all the human faeces & effluent in Hughenden Estate (mainly on ERF 2286 a UNESCO world heritage site shown above), continue to drag on with very little real resolution by the CoCT. We have been actively engaging with the CoCT regarding these & surrounding issues since April 2019.

As a side, Shaun contracted Hepatitis A during lock down, because of these conditions. It is scary to note that even driving over some of these hazardous pollutants & accidentally touching a minute particle that has per chance flicked onto your vehicle, that you then touch & later brush across your mouth, could cause this & many other health hazards. The levels of E Coli present in our surroundings, as evidenced by CoCTs own reports, way exceeds the safe limit. Swimming as an example is considered safe at 188 parts of E Coli per 100ml. Some times the levels at the SAPS traffic circle are over 400,000 parts of E Coli per 100ml! This is caused by the 'ingenious' stormwater catchment dams overflow, that the CoCT built at the bottom slopes of the informal settlement. These dams become catchment for all the effluent & faecal matter that pollutes the area. They continually overflow onto Main Road & down towards the SAPS circle. The levels in the river & at the beach are sometimes in excess of a million parts of E Coli per 100ml. The CoCT & relevant officials seem to be completely aware of this, & their inaction to properly resolve these issues is a complete dereliction of duty. It is trite & incredulous that our ward councillor's priorities, as evidenced by his actions & posts, are more aimed at photo-ops for tokenism, whilst Hout Bay drowns in faecal matter!

Shaun & co have met repeatedly with Dan Plato the mayor, his representative Jerome Norris, Roberto Quintas our ward councillor, Riana Pretorious director of informal settlements & many others. We have minutes, emails & voice recordings, clearly evidencing many broken promises & ignored deadlines. Our team has literally begged the CoCT not to open this road (they call 'Road No 5') without installing the locked vehicle gate they promised. There is no sign of any such gate installation, even though the road is now complete & open. This sets the very precedent we have begged the CoCT not to. In effect Hughenden is now a part of the informal settlement.

It is also important to note that from the evidence we have gathered, it appears that 'Road No 5' was built with zero public participation & is in effect illegal.

Effluent still running in Hughenden 31 October 2020, after CoCT claims they have addressed the issue!

In the OHMCIDs 13 October online meeting with Subcouncil 16 - Mathew Kempthorne & his team AGAIN promised the completion of the safety pathway project by 6 November 2020, including the vehicle gate which was to be locked except for emergencies. This was referenced in our CID mowing through it post on the same date. Minutes subsequently received for this meeting from the CoCT then disingenuously state 'we were promised feedback on 6 November'! The CoCT continues to mislead, dodge the issues & act in bad faith no matter how we try to tie them down.

We will in due course prepare several posts with all the documentation & recordings evidencing this. This matter is of paramount importance to our CID. If Hughenden 'falls' Meadows & Oakwood will be next! It is time we all step up to the plate & take the action that is required to rectify this dire situation. We have called an emergency board meeting, which will be held in the next few days, to formulate an action plan going forward.


Governance & General

The Oakwood | Hughenden | Meadows Community Improvement District (OHMCID) is holding our AGM on 26 November 2020. All property owners, residents & stakeholders in the OHMCID are invited to attend. To see all details for the event see our AGM Notice or view all documents pertaining to the AGM.



All property owners are eligible to be members of the OHMCID. If you have not yet applied, please download & complete the relevant application form from the website & email it to


OHMCID is still looking for someone to manage the CID on a part-time basis. The details for the CID Manager role are here. We have sent out Whatsapp notices & posted this on social media, with very little response thus far.

We have therefore extended the deadline for CVs to be sent to by 17h00, 13 November 2020


Gill Siebert

After Norman Brook's resignation from his role as director & secretary at OHMCID, Gill Siebert who manages the Social Responsibility portfolio of OHMCID, was appointed as a new director & Greg Zuccarini, our Treasurer, has added public officer/secretary to his role.


Check out the whole OHMCID Team.

Greg Zuccarini

If anyone is interested in becoming a director of the OHMCID or nominating someone to be a director, please complete the director nomination form and mail though to by 17h00, 18 November 2020


The OHMCID board meets on a monthly basis & property owners are welcome to raise matters of interest or concern at these meetings. The upcoming meeting dates are on the website - simply email or RSVP on the event by clicking on EVENTS in the menu to let us know that you’d like to raise something



Our 2020 (July 2019 to June 2020) Annual Financial statements have been audited & signed off. View them here.

Our 2021 (July 2020 to June 2021) budget, approved at our 30 Jan 2020 special members meeting, has been adjusted slightly. Our proposed 2022 (July 2021 to June 2022) budget has been drafted & approved by the CoCT. This will be approved at our AGM by way of member vote.

View these budget adjustments & drafts from July 2019 through to June 2022


Due to the incredible amount of red tape & administration that had to be attended to once OHMCID was approved in July 2019, it took several months before the CoCT started paying us. This delay lead to a surplus of funds being accumulated in our 2020 financial year (July 2019 to June 2020). These were rolled over to 2021 financial year (July 2020 to June 2021). This will be explained in detail at the AGM


Safety & Security

New Network Video Recorder

In early October our security got a serious boost, with the installation of a new NVR. Check out the detail.

No further updates were received from Dylan Joseph, the portfolio head


Environmental and urban management

The Meadow

The CoCT is REALLY not coming to the party with any sort of urban management at the moment so Gwen, our Environment & Urban Management head, has generously used Earthworx at cost to the OHMCID. They have stepped in & started getting things looking great again! Check it all out here. There are several initiatives in the pipeline by Gwen, including the deployment of Environmental Officers, that will keep our public open spaces beautiful & double up as 'eyes' to assist with our security. We look forward to seeing many more improvements soon!


Social Responsibility

No updates were received from Gill Siebert, the portfolio head .


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